Baked Honey-Chili Wings and Fried Sweet Potatoes




We love this quick, delicious meal of baked honey-chilli chicken wings and crispy fried sweet potatoes. It makes the perfect lunch meal and is also a great party pleaser. 


Chicken wings \ Fresh ground chili peppers \ Coconut Oil \ Fresh Ground Garlic \ Fresh Ground Ginger \ Honey \ Soy Sauce \ Butter \ Fresh Lemon Juice \ Salt \ Black Pepper \ Dill \ Sweet Potatoes


Pre-heat oven to 400F \ Mix ground garlic, ground ginger, ground chili, honey, soy sauce, butter, lemon juice, salt, coconut oil and black pepper together  \ Marinate chicken wings with seasoning mixture for at least an hour \ Bake in oven for 40 minutes (turn over after 20 mins for perfectly golden wings \ Cut up sweet potatoes into long, thin strips \ Fry until golden \ Serve wings on your Studio Badge \\Kukie Concrete Platter and sweet potatoes on your \\Esie food platter \ Garnish with dill and sliced chili peppers \  Enjoy!


Lots of love,


Baked Honey-Chili Wings and Fried Sweet Potatoes