Open-Faced Breakfast Burrito featuring the \\Mana Wood Platter

I decided to treat myself to a quick breakfast burrito this morning and I thought why not share the recipe with my Studio Badge food lovers? I'm a bit late for work now but now I'm making my lateness productive by sharing with you ;) Tip #1 for feeling more accomplished in life 😂

 A burrito is a Mexican dish which to me, is a fancy way of saying 'throw your favorite ingredients in a tortilla wrap'. I threw this baby together in about 15 minutes, and I made it all look beautiful with the help of our stunning \\Mana Platter!


Eggs \ Bacon \ Coconut Oil \ Diced Tomatoes \ Diced Onions \ Fresh Ground Garlic \ Apple Cider Vinegar (if you like a kick) \ Diced Mozzarella Cheese (or any cheese you love, or no cheese all if you hate cheese) \ Pickles (Or fresh kpakposhito if you're really real) \Chopped Cilantro \ Natural yoghurt or sour cream (if you are just extra like me) \  Diced Mangoes \ Tortilla Wrap or Pita Bread (but then you can't call it a burrito 😒)


Toast tortilla wrap in frying pan till slightly golden  \ Sauté tomatoes, onions, ground garlic in coconut oil for 3 mins or until tender \ Throw in bacon, lower the heat and cook it all for another 3 mins or until bacon is cooked \ Throw in some apple cider vinegar (as much as you can handle) and cook for another minute \ Transfer into a  bowl to cool \ Crack as many eggs as you like (I went with two) into the frying pan and scramble away \ Throw in diced mozzarella \ Add the tomatoe-onion-bacon mix and mix it all together \ Take of the fire and lay it all out on your tortilla wrap (which by now should be waiting for you on your \\Mana Food Platter) \ Drizzle your yoghurt, sprinkle your cilantro and pickles \ Serve with diced mangoes on the side because fruit is life \ Stand back and give yourself a round of applause! Well done :)


Lots of love,


Open-Faced Breakfast Burrito featuring the \\Mana Wood Platter